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The prestige of a unique & creative Aerial Photograph can maximise the impact of your current marketing efforts by as much as 300%!

Vantage AP can produce astonishing results at a fraction of the cost of traditional Aerial Photography methods. By using custom designed, state of the art UAV Aircraft & gyro stabilised 360° panoramic equipment, we offer our clients new opportunities to outpace the competition.

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A Unique Vantage Point

Few of us are ever lucky enough to get a bird’s eye view of our surroundings – which is probably what sparks the endless fascination with views from the air. There is something quite enthralling about seeing an aerial view – it’s a map brought to life that conveys a unique perspective – from a unique Vantage point.

Today, Aerial Photography & Videography has become an indispensable part of our increasingly visual world. Aerial views are easier to interpret than maps or ‘artists impressions’ as they provide a real picture of the world.

Image Optimisation

Before / After

Drag the slider left and right to compare the original plate (straight off the SD card) vs my post-production / deliverable version.

Customers would typically be provided with around 20 highly optimised images – an average shoot would yield approx. 150 images in total.

Product Development

Here are some of the mechanics I designed

Damping Stabiliser

This was CNC machined in Aluminium. I designed it to stop the camera mount system from swinging around like a pendulum. I designed the unit around some RC Car oil filled shock absorbers. The final machined part attaches to the aircraft and the camera pan / tilt hangs from it.

(3D CAD / Render using Swift 3D by eRain)

Main Pan Unit

Here is the main pan hub with Tilt arms. The pan & tilt unit is driven remotely (wirelessly) by a separate camera operator. The camera moves around using servos, gears and controlled by Gyros for auto stabilisation.

(3D CAD / Render using Swift 3D by eRain)

Roller Bearing Disk

This is still sitting in my cupboard somewhere. Although I never actually flew with this design, it was just something I mocked up during the development stages. There are lighter and less maintenance heavy design options so this design was shelved in the end.

(3D CAD / Render using Swift 3D by eRain)


FPV Pan Tilt GoPro Size

Watch a detailed video of my completed FPV Pan/Tilt design – In this video you’ll get to see close up how I developed the pan & tilt unit specifically for RC helicopter use.

Notable Achievements

  • Single-handedly designed and built full range of equipment used to conduct Aerial Photo Shoots
  • Business was already profitable after only the second engagement
  • Design and development of a few key products lead to sales of custom-built Pan/Tilt systems
  • Commissioned by Thai Country Club (Bangkok Thailand) to produce images for PGA Tour Media


FPV Ultimate Antenna Tracker

Here is another on of my designs. This is a heavy duty antenna tracker that follows my aircraft around the sky to ensure maximum range for the wireless video link. Don’t forget to subscribe :)



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