🎬 Behind The Scenes [Area 51m Review Filming]

In the middle of shooting the Review part 2 of my Alienware Area 51m – Quick channel update & Behind the Scenes – Full Area51m Review will be up in the next 48 hours!

A little like my ‘Rambling Repairs’ type videos, I have had lots of subscribers asking to see some behind the scenes footage of How To Make a YouTube Video.
I have been a video producer, editor, director for hundreds of video shoots over the last 15 years. In this video, I let you in behind the scenes to see how I make my YouTube videos.

Tripod: Monfrotto 503HDV
Camera Dolly: DIY (MDF, Brackets, Inline Skate Wheels, Curtain Poles)

I’m currently shooting the video for the Area 51m Gaming Laptop Review – It’s going to be a week later than i’d planned, in this video, I take you behind the scenes of me setting up a Dolly shot using my DIY custom Camera Dolly Platform.

My DIY Camera Dolly allows me to create more movement in the shots, which is important to maintain the viewers attention. I’ll do a close up detailed review video of my DIY camera dolly including the ‘tracks’ (poles) and more tip & tricks for filming your YouTube videos. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

I will also be joing Gene from the Maverick Star Reloaded channel – We’ve been good friends for a while so i’m looking forward to bringing you a true ‘fly on the wall’ podcast at the weekend.


Check out the NEW Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop HERE:

The Alienware Area 51m is newly released earlier in 2019 at CES. It’s Alienware’s newest ‘Desktop Replacement’ Gaming Laptop for 2019.

See the previous video in the series:

👽 Area 51m REVIEW UNBOXING 😍 [1st Look] Alienware Best Gaming Laptop 2019?

👽 Area 51m Gaming Laptop Review & Unboxing Pt.1




  • 3DS MAX (Main 3D Logo model creation)
  • Adobe After Effects (Primary Compositing & Effects / Camera moves)
  • VC Element 3D (AE Plugin to texture / animate logo and text objects)
  • VC Optical Flares (AE Plugin for lens flare effects & animations – w/ProPresets)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (Final editing and sound production)
  • Digital Juice SFX Libraries (Vol 1,2,3,4)
  • Digital Juice Stack Traxx

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